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  • How do I book my child into a Kidz Zone Club?
    All bookings are made online - please visit - please note online booking for after school club closes at 2pm each day - emergency bookings for that day can be made after this time by calling 01525 591036 If you need assistance one of our team will be happy to help and can be reached on 01525 591036 email Please ensure you read our terms and conditions before making any booking. All bookings are subject to availability. The person making the booking accepts the booking conditions on behalf of all on the booking/registration forms. Kidz Zone Club can take bookings right up until the club starts subject to availability. If parents arrive with children who are not booked in, you may unfortunately be turned away if it exceeds are staff:child ratio.
  • Can you book it for me over the phone?
    All bookings need to be made online by the customer, however in extreme circumstances we are able to help by taking the booking and payment over the phone. If you need assistance one of our team will be happy to help and can be reached on 01525 591036
  • How much notice do I need to give if I want my child to start?
    As long as there is availability, once registered, you can book your child in for any session. For Breakfast and Afterschool, bookings will be available termly (Autumn, Spring, Summer) and booking will open 3 weeks before the end of the current term. For holiday clubs once we have confirmed dates with the relevant sites, we will release sessions. Typically, this is at least 6 weeks in advance of the start of a holiday period. For before and after school club, booking can be up until the start of club, as long as there is availability. For holiday clubs there is no restriction on when you can book as long as there is availability and it is done before you arrive onsite.
  • Can I book different days each week?
    Yes – you can book whichever sessions suit your particular needs.
  • Can I book part of a session?
    Yes, our booking system offers hourly bookings so you do not have to book the entire time at club, you can book what suits you best.
  • Can I cancel after I book and will I get a refund?
    Cancellations / Booking Changes Policy - Before and After School Clubs To cancel contact the Kidz Zone Head Office either by email - - or call on 01525 591036 Applicable to all Kidz Zone before and after school club booking cancellations or alterations. 48 hours or more notice of the booking date is required for a cancellation or booking change – a 100% refund will be issued via the original payment method or account credit; please note childcare voucher payments can only be refunded to account credit due to HMRC rules. Less than 48 hours notice – no refund. Account credit will not be eligible to be repaid to you in the event you no longer require use of our services and wish to close your account. ‘Account credit’ cannot be transferred from one customer to another. Refund policy: Applies to all Kidz Zone Holiday Club bookings cancellations and alterations Payment must be made no later than 5 days prior to attending a KZ holiday club. Payments can be made online via 10 days’ notice must be given to cancel your booking otherwise full payment is still due. If your child is booked on to the holiday club and fails to turn up payment will still be required in full as KZ will have brought in further coaches to appropriately meet the child: staff ratio. Kidz Zone will not be able to provide a refund if your child is not able to attend.
  • How do I pay?
    Credit/Debit Card We accept online credit/debit card payments and make no charge for card payments. Childcare Vouchers We accept childcare vouchers. Please select the ‘Childcare Vouchers’ option at the ‘payment stage’ of your online booking then use the drop down menu to select the relevant provider. Please contact the head office by emailing if you require assistance or your voucher provider is not listed. Tax Free Childcare We accept Tax Free Childcare. Please select the ‘Tax Free Childcare’ option at the ‘payment stage’ of your online booking. Please contact the head office by emailing your ‘Tax Free Childcare’ reference number so we can allocate your payment - or if you require general assistance. What help is available to pay for my childcare with Kidz Zone? Kidz Zone are an Ofsted registered childcare provider; you therefore may be able to subsidise the cost of using an Kidz Zone Ofsted registered club through one of the following: Childcare Vouchers Please speak to your employer for details on this. Tax Free Childcare – This is a Government replacement for childcare vouchers. More information can be found at
  • Can I pay with both a combination of Card and Childcare Vouchers/Tax Free Childcare?
    Yes please contact the head office by emailing to arrange this.
  • Can I pay by cash/cheque/PayPal?
    Unfortunately we are unable to accept any of the above methods of payment.
  • Can I get a receipt?
    Once you have made a booking and payment has been made you will receive an email receipt of booking and you can view this by logging into your Kidz Zone account.
  • Are you ofsted registered?
    Yes we are an ofsted registered organisation
  • What are your adult to child ratios?
    We work below the recommended ofsted ratio for out of school clubs
  • Will Kidz Zone staff take my child to their class?
    At the end of the Before Club session, a Kidz Zone staff member will take the children to a predefined area or to their classroom to be handed over to a member of school staff.
  • What Breakfast is available to my child at a Before School Club?
    A variety of cereal, toast, fruit and juice with spreads will be on offer across the week. Breakfast is optional.
  • Does my child need to bring anything with them?
    No. Please ensure any items brought to a Kidz Zone club are clearly labelled. Please ensure children do not bring any valuable toys or belongings, as Kidz Zone cannot be held responsible if they go missing.
  • My child is going to be absent or I need to cancel a session, what should I do?"
    You will need to contact the head office by email - - with the details of what day and club you would like to cancel.
  • I want to extend a booking I have already made, how can I do this?"
    If you would like to extend the duration of a booking you have already made you will need to email - - with details of what session you would like to amend and to what time. Alternatively if short notice you can call us on 01525 630 199 And we will then amend your booking for you.
  • What if my child requires medication whilst at the club?
    Any child requiring medication, including inhalers, cannot attend until we have our own supply of the medication. Kidz Zone can only administer prescribed medication. Please ensure you hand any medication required to the Club Co-ordinator with a ‘Permission to Administer Medicine form’ and ‘care plan’ if you have one. Kidz Zone Head Office can email this ‘Permission to Administer Medicine form’ form to you prior to your child attending. If your child requires regular medication, we recommend that you supply the Club with extra medication, which can be stored securely to avoid regular transfer.
  • What is the booking deadline for Breakfast Club sessions?
    You can book online up to the start of the session, as long as there is availability – as shown online.
  • My child has additional needs.  How can you help?
    Kidz Zone are fully inclusive and we try to support all children. It is important that we are fully informed of any child with additional needs so we can try and support him/her in the best way possible. The best way to do this is by notifying us on the registration form. We would also suggest discussing this with our head office and the club co-ordinator prior to your child’s first visit. If your child requires 1-to-1 support unfortunately we do have access to government funding to provide this level of care; however we would certainly do our best to accommodate your child in the club under our existing ratio.
  • How will my child get to the After School Club?
    Your child’s school will be made aware in advance that they are due to attend on a given afternoon. A Kidz Zone staff member will collect the children from their class. (Dependant on the location of club within the school premises and what’s been agreed with the school)
  • How do I collect my child and can I pick them up at any time?
    Parents can collect from the after school club at any time from school finish until the time of their booking. All children must be signed out. Late Fees of £10 per 30 minutes after the finish of club are applied for late collections. You must inform our Head Office if your child will be collected late. Only people listed on the registration and who are 16 years of age or older can collect.
  • Do Kidz Zone after school clubs provide food?
    Please check your club letter for details.
  • What should my child bring?
    We recommend packing according to our unpredictable English weather; on any given day this should include sun cream, sun hat, waterproofs or warmer clothing. Please ensure all items brought to a Kidz Zone club are clearly labelled. Please ensure children do not bring any valuable toys or belongings with them as Kidz Zone cannot be held responsible if they go missing.
  • What happens if someone else needs to pick up my child?
    Only people listed with ‘Parental Responsibility’ on your account can pick up your child. You can easily change this by logging into your account. Staff will only release children to people they know or can verify - please ensure if someone different is collecting please let us know in advance and ensure you inform them of the 'collection password'. Any person collecting your child must be over 16 years of age.
  • Is there a booking deadline for after school club sessions?
    You can book online until 2pm, as long as there is availability. After that time please contact our head office directly.
  • Can my child attend another extra curricular club after school before coming to Kidz Zone?
    It is fine for your child to attend a school run or extra curricular club after school prior to coming to Kidz Zone Club. Please notify Kidz Zone head office by emailing in advance if your child is attending an extra curricular club and any arrangements made so we can notify our staff running the club.
  • What happens on the last day of term if school finishes early?
    This varies depending on the school so please see your specific site.
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